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KNOCKOUT ????? - Adobe Illustrator Macintosh

What is colour knockout? I know that it is something related to the pre-press, but unaware; what it is exactly. I would like to get an exact definition, and all about knockout. Expecting a solid response from someone who is an expert in this field. Thanks, Lince M. Lawrence [email][/email]...

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    Default KNOCKOUT ?????

    What is colour knockout?

    I know that it is something related to the pre-press, but unaware; what it is exactly.
    I would like to get an exact definition, and all about knockout.

    Expecting a solid response from someone who is an expert in this field.

    Lince M. Lawrence
    [email][/email] Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    Try this topic which is active today

    lee vickers "What is the term knock out in Graphics" 4/21/04 5:36am </cgi-bin/webx?13.3bb3b493/1> Guest

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    I got some information from some Prepress Gurus is that -> Knockout as a term KO or Knockout comes from prepress terms as an absence of color behind an object, as an example, most printers would prefer to "knockout" process yellow type going onto a solid black background, hence the term "KnockOut" . Guest

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    Lince You can check some good posting regarding this in another posting which was actually a query made me. Guest

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    Brijithkumar, I think you should spread the yellow into the black (overprint a stroke) for yellow type. I know it's confusing if you don't have a vidual.

    If you have a knockout type (which is white by the way) depending on the color it knocks out from, you would want to choke the 3 other colors from the white.

    If you can print out color separations to paper this would be a helpful test.

    Make a shape and color it with a spot color, make another shape overlapping half way through the other one and make it a different spot color.

    Select the one on top and put a 3 pt. stroke on it. In attributes overprint the stroke. Print out separations and put the 2 papers together holding them up to light or a light table if you have one.

    You can see the colors overlap. That is trapping.

    But knockouts are a little mor complicated. You don't want to overprint a stroke because it might cause the color to go into the knockout area. Therefore you would apply a stroke but NOT overprint it, causing the other colors to choke away from the knockout.

    I think the best way to understand is to print out separations of two different spot colors on paper and imagine each page moving on the press.

    Looking on a light table helps alot. Most printers don't use that much of a trap ( the 3 points I suggested, but we do for flexo and it is easier to see).

    Can someone post a vidual for him/her? I can't, I have no web server and don't know how.
    Dee Holmes Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    Dee your web space provided by your internet provider is were you can post a jpeg or gif image.

    If you e-mail me how to reach you I will instruct you on how to do this and how to set up the link on a forum postings. It is not complicated.

    I use an FTP client but many internet providers give you tools to upload pages and images that work from your browser.

    If not you can send me a visual and I will post it for you..

    [email][/email] Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    Wade, I just got roadrunner and have no idea. I do not do web stuff at all. The only thing I know about FTP is we don't except it where I work. So consider me a preschooler when it comes to web stuff.

    If it was the weekend, I could certainly make a simulation of my examples. (Wow, that's challange for me, also!) Probably why we still print out paper separations to make sure it traps right. (We have to go through proofreading also which checks our traps).

    Do anyother prepress people still use this workflow? Or are we in the past?

    Wow, where did that thought even come from?


    it is another day of work tomorrow, so I must rest. If no one else can come up with visuals, I will be working on it at lunch tomorrow. (Eastern time by the way)

    Wade, I'll probably need help. I get confused with work system and home system anyways.
    Dee Holmes Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????


    I'm a . I have the file ready now, Wade if you want to help me post it or we can wait till tomorrow on the mac.
    Dee Holmes Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    I will assist you tomorrow. Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    Thank you, Wade.
    Dee Holmes Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    Wade, did I e-mail you that file?
    Dee Holmes Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    Yes you did, I will be out tomorrow morning. Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    Well actually I have it posted already but want to show you how to do it:

    Here is the Link:

    Dees Trapping Guide <> Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    Sorry the colors got all ed up when it made it a .pdf.

    And I forgot to flatten it so you could view the overprint.

    But the 3rd example is good. That is why you would want to choke the other colors away from the knockout text.
    Dee Holmes Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????


    Thanx for posting that for me anyway.
    Dee Holmes Guest

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    Default Re: KNOCKOUT ?????

    We'll try again. I tell you what if you flatten it an save it for the web without changing the layout just increase the size of the text for the middle example you can post it tomorrow. Guest

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