My G3 Pismo can no longer see my Lacie 250 gig Firewire drive because my
wife closed the lid of the laptop without moving the Lacie icon to the
trash. I got a dialogue box telling me there was a problem with the
drive and when I rebooted the machine I got a message saying the disk
was unreadable by the computer and did I want to initialise it? Answer:
I'd rather not!

So, I've set to work with Disk Warrior to try and repair the damage.
Disk Warrior can see the drive of course and it's moved on to
'Inspecting disk .. searching for volume information .. step 1 of 11'.
It's been doing this for over 24 hours and I'm beginning to get a bit
worried. I know Disk Warrior can be slow and I know 250 gig is a big
drive but over 24 hours searching and continuously accessing the disk?
Is this to be expected or have I n it and damaged the disk forever?
Has Disk Warrior crashed? I guess I should have partitioned the disk in
the first place.

I'm running OS9.2.2.

All advice, ideas etc gratefully received.

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