I am experiencing a very strange behavior from FMS
I am conducting a live conversation between 2 people using their webcams. One
of the participants have a relatively slow computer (we think its the
anti-virus). When conducting the live session everything seems to be fine...
Still a bit slower than fast computers but still pretty good.

We are doing the following test:
We do a combined count from 1 to 20.
participant-1 counts "1" (this is the slow computer)
Only after hearing his count participant-2 counts "2"
Again, only after hearing his "2" participant-1 counts "3"
and so on...

so the count goes from participant-1 to the server and from there to
participant-2 only then the "2" count leaves participant-2 to the server and so
This session is being recorded. What I am getting in the recored video is very
I am getting participant-2 count before participant-1. So the count goes:
2,1,4,3,6,5 and so on

How is this possible to have the order correct on the live and not on the