I'm trying to print from a linux box (redhat 7.3) to a lan(windows)
printer (HP LaserJet 4050),
but without success.
This printer is shared from the logon server, even if it is not
phycally attacched to the server, but
it has a network ip. (If you see in control panel->printers I have a
shared printer (on port ip_x.y.z.w).
I used printconfig tools, choosing the smb smb (windows) printer with
this value:
share //server_name/sharing_name
hostname ip_server
user pippo
password x
workgroup domain_name
If I launch a test page, in status.pr I have that the job result is
JSUCC (on the contrary If I put in hostname
the ip of printer instad of the server ip I recieve a JFAIL), but the
page is not printed!
What is the problem?