Hi all,

I've created a page in fireworks with a small vertical navbar to the
left of an HTML slice that fills most of the page. I fill the HTML
slice with the page text using an external (not macromedia)

If I fill the HTML slice with a lot of text then, when viewed in a
browser, all the table cells of my navbar expand and the button-images
separate to fill the extra height of the HTML slice. I want the
buttons of my navbar to stay together. Given the fixed heights of the
cells I guess this is to be expected...

However, is there anyway to stop this? There is a large, empty table
cell (slice) beneath my navbar buttons that fills the rest of the
"nav-column" down to the bottom of the page... Ideally I'd like this
unused cell to be the one that expands along with the HTML slice, and
for the buttons of the navbar to remain fixed in size.

I've tried manually tinkering with the HTML, deleting sizes from the
table-cells I'd like to automatically vary in size, but with no luck.
Is there a way to do this in fireworks, or manually?

I've managed something similar when using horizontal nav bars, simply
by having fireworks-header, followed by HTML, followed by
fireworks-footer. However this can't be done when everything is in one

I guess one solution is to use forms, though I'd rather not bother
with forms. I could also make my HTML slice huge to accomodate any
amount of text, only then you'd never be able to see the footer stuff
without lots of scrolling...

I hope this all makes sense! I'll be extremely grateful of any help
offered. Oh - the email address is quite valid too.