I am setting up a process in which I am storing explain plan data (from
OS/390) into a DB2/UDB (Windows) database. (We are charged w/DASD usage,
which is why I am storing it off of the mainframe.) I have created a
duplicate explain tables in my UDB database, and download any new explain
plans on a daily basis. I will be setting up reports to look for variances.
My plan is to have an application that will report on any variances in
explain plans whenever a package is bound (or rebound) to the database.
Then our DBA's could simply select those statements they wish to review, a
background process will kick off, placing the selected data back into a plan
table on OS/390, and then I would like to launch Visual Explain and
hopefully, have it automagically display the explain plan for the DBA.

Does anyone know....

If the OS/390 Visual Explain tool for OS/390 can be launched from an
external application to display an explain report on the fly?

I noticed there is an executeable in addition to dsnve.exe, called
dsnveapi.exe. Does anyone know what dsnveapi.exe is? Can either of these
be passed parameters to display a specific explain report from the command

Is there any doentation on the entrypoints in the DLL's shipped with
Visual Explain?

Thanks in Advance,

David Sarge
Enterprise Technology Partners, Inc.
DB2 Certified DBA
Oracle Certified DBA