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Folks, I've been having lck file issues for the last 4 years I've used Contribute .. I've asked about it here at least 5 times over the years, and I've also called and talked with Adobe Support about 5 times .. and I've found no solution. Every new page I add, and every new image I upload, gets a lck file on it and I can't publish! I need to ftp to my site real quick and delete all the lck files. I maybe found a solution, on this thread 0&threadid=1278281&highlight_key=y&keyword1=.LCK seems his solution was to connect using a ...

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    Default LCK Files!

    Folks, I've been having lck file issues for the last 4 years I've used
    Contribute .. I've asked about it here at least 5 times over the years, and
    I've also called and talked with Adobe Support about 5 times .. and I've found
    no solution.

    Every new page I add, and every new image I upload, gets a lck file on it and
    I can't publish! I need to ftp to my site real quick and delete all the lck

    I maybe found a solution, on this thread

    seems his solution was to connect using a Local Connection instead of FTP.

    I want to try it! but I'm having a problem setting up the local network
    connection. Excuse me but i'm not even sure what a Local Network is, but I
    think it's my whole website on my harddrive? So I went and got HTTrack website
    copier , and copied my website.

    in Contribute I go into My Connections>Edit and change the ftp to
    Local/Network. It asks me for the Network Path, I click Choose, and browse to
    where my website is

    If I choose Website, or any of these other folders,

    I get an error message from Conributet, saying they can't verify the

    So how do I set up a local network connection in Contribute? Really hope this
    can fix my problem, getting so tired of this lck problem ..

    Joe Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    Hmmm, here are those screenshots again I hope.

    New-1-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img
    border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

    New-2.jpg" target="_blank"><img
    src="" border="0"

    Joe Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    That is a long time of trouble...

    First about the Local Network. I do not think that is the solution you are
    looking for when you have a computer at home with Contribute installed and a
    website that is located on a server of an ISP.
    You can create you own local network on you computer using f.i. Xampp (apache
    webserver, php5, mysql database, filezilla ftp). When you install this program
    you have a local network on your own PC. You have to place your website in the
    htdocs folder of the xampp installation (C:\xampp\htdocs\) and you can view
    your site by adressing the folder your site is in using your browser:
    When you have created this local network, you can use Contribute to create a
    connection (xampp must be running) using the Local Network option. Of course
    you then always have to upload the files to the server where your public
    website is using another ftp-program. This is strange workaround though... The
    program should be working in contact with your ISP's server, so you can
    directly edit the pages.

    Have you tried the advance settings of the ftp-settings in Contribute (please
    try checking PASV mode, passive ftp)?Have you ever contacted your ISP about the
    issue? Can it be it has something to do with the rights on the server?Have you
    ever reinstalled Contribute? Which version are you using? Do you have a MAC or
    a windows PC? Have you ever tried to disable your firewall or check if
    firrewall rules for Contribute are OK?

    ThinkInk Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    OK, thank you so much TI ! Forget the Local Network!

    Oh, long time of trouble is right! I update my site often, and usually make
    one new page, and add 15 images. Each image needs one clickable thumbnail, then
    one popup to larger size. Each popup is considered a new page.
    So that?s 45 lck files I need to delete, only I have to do them one at a time,
    then go up in directory, and back to the folder to find the next lck file, back
    up, back down, find a lck file, delete it ..Counting the times I need to go up
    directory, then back, I?ve clicked 100s of times, just to publish one new page
    with 15 images!

    I had Contribute 3 for at least the last 3-4 years, then upgraded to CS3 a few
    months ago, in order to get more Tech support to solve this lck issue, and here
    I still am, looking for a solution.

    No, I haven?t contacted my ISP! (fingers crossed) What exactly would I tell
    them? Could you explain the Rights a little more?

    I?m on Win XP Home. I haven?t tried disabling my Kaspersky firewall (I turned
    Windows FW turned off), but it looks like Contribute has all the green checks.


    In that window above, should I check what any of the other Tabs have to say?
    I?ll try disabling it next time!

    Here are my FTP Settings

    You know, when I go to My Connections, and click Edit, I get this screen
    saying I have Unpublished Drafts. I don?t have any I can find in the Drafts
    Console. I can click Next though and continue on.

    Oh, thanks again TI, let's get this resolved, this has been such a headache
    for so long!

    Joe Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    darn, again

    New-5Firewall.jpg" target="_blank"><img
    border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

    FTP settings
    New-4.jpg" target="_blank"><img
    src="" border="0"

    My Connections>Edit
    New-3.jpg" target="_blank"><img
    src="" border="0"

    Joe Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    Firewall settings look OK.

    Contacting ISP is an idea because of the fact that Contribute does not seem to
    delete the LCK files after publish in your case. Sometimes this is caused by
    FTP-settings (no passive mode) and de reaction of the server is taking to long
    with Contribute waiting for that reaction. But you did check passive mode.
    Maybe they have a clue?

    Have you played around with the FTP-settings yourself?

    Have you tried to delete the administration and the connection, uninstalling
    the program and the reinstalling the program, creating a new connection and

    Have you read this post:
    0&threadid=1275200&highlight_key=y&keyword1=%2El ck

    ThinkInk Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    TI, did you see my FTP Settings, I have "use Passive FTP to connect to Server"
    checked, also "use FTP performance optimization" and "use alternate publish
    method". No I haven't tried any of the other settings because I have no idea
    what they mean.

    yes I've tried deleting the administration and the connection and creating new
    ones, that was one of the first things the tech support and I tried a few years

    I still don't understand what I am to ask my ISP. I doubt they are familiar
    with Contributes LCK files, or are lck files common with other programs?

    Joe Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    Yes I saw your FTP settings, but what I mean is, did you try different settings
    to check if the problem would go away and is related to ftp-settings. It's
    clear that these settings do not work, but do other settings (I mean all
    combinations you can make) also create the same problem.

    On contacting your ISP, that really could be worth your while, just explain
    what is happening, maybe they know something you, Adobe or me do not know..:
    quote: I could be wrong, but I think this issue may relate to the web server. I
    realise now that when we had major problems with this issue it was only
    apparent on one site where we hosted on a different sever, the ten or so other
    contribute sites we managed were all on the same server platform. So it might
    be worth uploading the site to a another server to check to see if its an issue
    caused my the web server somehow. Hope this helps!
    90&threadid=1233728&highlight_key=y&keyword1=lck%2 0AND%20filename)

    I'm sorry but this probably will be a trial and error thing, because this
    problem you are having has returned more often in this forum, but I never read
    a clear solution, nor heard from any solution from Adobe.

    Would you be willing to share your connection data (you can change the ftp
    password after we ran some tests to locate the problem)? You can mail to
    nl. Have you ever let anyone else connect to your website and
    see if they have the same issues? This way you can track down if it's probably
    related to your PC connecting, or to the webserver in general...

    Is it possible for you to test on another webserver? Maybe open a free account
    somewhere, upload your website and see if the same thing happens?

    ThinkInk Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    OK, contacted my Server/Host. As I expected, they don't understand what I'm
    asking, and said
    "your Adobe program is likely creating the .LCK files as these are created to
    prevent other programs from modifying the file while your working on it."
    so obviously they don't know what I'm asking.

    So my question is now, so that I can ask them intelligently, what specifically
    is it that the server might be doing to cause this problem?

    Was that thread I referenced above a clue? "there was some latency in the FTP
    server where it didn't recognize the LCK file as being deleted for a few

    Joe Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    Can you try talking to your ISP and try increasing the "Timeout detection" time.
    m Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    Hi m gupta:
    When the "Timeout detection" is a problem, why is there no problem connecting
    to the website with other ftp-programs instead of Contribute? Is Contribute
    experiencing problems before other ftp-programs do?
    Furthermore, it is possible to create a connection from another computer to
    the site, without the initial lck file problem Joe is experiencing.

    ThinkInk Guest

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    Default Re: LCK Files!

    Allright!! Problem resolved! A new connection key did the trick!!

    I'm one happy kid, and all the thanks goes to ThinkInk for hanging in there
    with me :-)

    Here's what ThinkInk wrote-
    "Again it was a matter of deduction and in the end taking a good guess for
    what the solution could be.
    First we narrowed down the problem to being a problem on your pc.
    Then we found a solution that worked, but we still do not know how your
    account got so seriously corrupted this way, so I cannot explain in full what
    should be done in these cases.
    But letting another administrator, that has no publishing issues, create a new
    connection key is a good idea in trying to solve these kind of problems and
    it's a good thing to post that in the answer."

    Joe Guest

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