I'm working on a quiz based on the learning interactions pre-build
Since I needed to implement a "multiple text field " interaction (something
like "fill the textfield instance1,instance2 and instance3 and check if they
whole stuff is right), not knowing how to modify the component to suit this
need, I found a workaround with a simple onclipevent function that will
concatenate the strings in real time into the actual textfield instance
verifed by the component. Rude, but it works.

I don't know if there's a better (simpler?) solution (and in this case I'll
love if anyone would share it with me), but as long as this is it, my only
concern is how to activate the pushbutton, that change his state (i.e.
becomes clickable) only manually changing the actual textfield value, and in
my solution this never happens,because textfield value is modified by the
function, not by clicking and typing in it.

Thanks for any enlightement!

- pogo