"Dale Stover" <dalestpsoft.com> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have a client running OpenServer 5.0.6 Ent. They want to add an
> additional parallel port. Can anyone suggest a Legacy PCI Parallel card?
> Is there such a thing?
> Dale Stover
Check out [url]http://www.lavalink.com/products/parallel_main.html[/url]

OpenServer 5.0.7 supports parallel PCI cards directly.
On older products, you have to determine, using a Lava DOS utility, the
I/O address range and IRQ assigned to the card by the BIOS, and
use these numbers when running mkdev parallel.

If you change the PCI slot and/or add another PCI card, there's a good
chance that the I/O address and/or IRQ will also change for the PCI
parallel card, and you'll have to delete and re-add the card with the
updated information. Not a major hassle, but another good reason to
encourage your client to upgrade to 5.0.7 someday soon.