On Sun, 01 Jun 2003 10:41:46 -0700, "William D. Tallman"
<wtallmanolypen.com> wrote:
>Avogadro wrote:
>> Quite remarkable that methanol would lift paint. That is not an
>> expected result.
>Startled me, I can tell you....
>> Anyway, methanol evaporates too fast for it to be very useful for lens
>> cleaning. Also it is toxic.
>If methanol is used with an applicator as I described, it works quite well.
>I just got sloppy and hit the metal whilst trying to clean the outer edges
>of the glass. And, yes, it is certainly toxic!!
....and corrosive! Don't use it on cameras!
>> If breath and high quality photographic lens cleaner won't do it, then
>> I don't have an answer for you... you would be on your own... but
>> paint thinner (not lacquer thinner) did work for the particular lens
>> that I described before.
Will melt certain plastics.