I am in the process of researching the details of
data formats and esacpe sequences to send to this
printer. I aim at writing a Linux driver for it during
the coming month.

I suggest all who are interested in such a driver
send me a note, or join the mailing list
or [email]lexmark-listlinuxprinting.org[/email] or

Since Lexmark seems to consider all technical info
relevant for driver developers as their treasured
trade secrets, the largest hurdle by far is learning
enough about the interface, mostly through experimentation,
trial and error.

Anyone who would like to participate in the deciphering
of the printers interface has now an opportunity to
meet the chalenge. There is need for people who can
study a hex dump, validate hypotheses against it, suggest
new theories about the meaning of certain byte sequences,
or invent ways of testing which hypothesis is the best.

People can also participate by installing software to snoop
on the USB bus, gather hex dumps and send them in with
tidy descriptions of what they did to generate it.

Later on the will like ly be a need for people to
test the driver.

There are a good number of Lexmark models that have no
or poor support under Linux. Even I have identified
a couple of differences between the data formats required
by X74 and other models, there are also a good number of
similarities. This means that knowledge about or access to
other printers from the family is valuable for this project
too. It is probably much easier to crack several printers
at once working in a team, than attack the same number of
printers one lonely investigator per printer.

So, if your printer is not an X74, but annother
unsupported printer, you are welcome to raise
questions about your own printer.

Enrique Perez-Terron