I have a question. I was browsing through some code on CPAN.org, and
found a few modules that i wished to use. However, in some of the
modules, there was code of the following nature:

package IO::Scalar;

=head1 NAME

IO::Scalar - IO:: interface for reading/writing a scalar


Perform I/O on strings, using the basic OO interface...

use 5.005;
use IO::Scalar;
$data = "My message:\n";

Now, as far as I know, use 5.005; is saying to use the general lib of
that version of PERL? Is this correct? Doesn't this cause a problem
later on if the PERL version is updated? Or, will any updated future
version of PERL be able to incorporate the use 5.005 statment?

Please help me out somebody. Replies can be made here, or better sent
to [email]DFroelichkenres.com[/email].