hello 3d artists,

I am currently designing a director/shockwave3d application that makes
extensive use of overlays for a modular user interface (in two
languages). so the total of overlays I use is about 120, usually 10 to
12 at the same time, others "parked" out of the stage window.
it works fine to create them all at once and then just make a menu
setup for each situation.

performance is fine, it seems not to interfere with the other textures
I use.

my problem is that the projector (as well as in authoring mode)
requires small amounts of memory constantly (16-64k at the time) and
after an hour or two, memory is full and the projector has to quit.

the overlays are made from text cast member images, size is 256x32
pixels (so not more than two 1024x1024 textures all together)

no matter if I reduce the resolution to 128x16, use just 4 of them on
stage or 40, performance is always the same, like a small memory leak
using up all resources by time.

so here is the question: has anybody used more than 60 or 100 overlays
and encountered absolutely no memory problems? are there any known

any help greatly appreciated

*** AltNeuland***