hey all
hope someone can help

I'm creating a web site which needs a 'Latest News' section on the home page.

I have used Data Connection Wizard to get the news data from a RSS feed and
put it into a dataGrid.

The problem I am having is, I want the news titles that appear in the dataGrid
to be links to the full story.
Presently I have had to settle with having 2 columns in dataGrid. One
displaying the news title and one displaying the url of the full story.

This is not very good. I need to get rid of the 'url' column and make the
'News Titles' a direct links to the relevant url.
Is there a way of making items in dataGrid buttons which link to urls? and if
so, will i be able to use the data feed to define which url to link to?
running out of time on this project :frown;
any help would be really appreciated
thanks a lot