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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!! Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Screaming won't change anything I'm afraid. Elements doesn't do CMYK.

    Bob Guest

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    But InDesign will convert to CMYK for you at output, either when you print or when you export to PDF. At least, it will if you're using images -- I'm not sure about EPS files, but they don't seem to be an issue here.

    In the Output panel of the print dialogs or the Advanced panel of the PDF export dialog, you can tell InDesign to emit CMYK.

    Dave Guest

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    That doesn't work, either. But thanks. Guest

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    Doesn't work in what sense? InDesign's preflight will still tell you that the images are RGB because they are. It's warning you, that's all. It's not saying that you can't proceed, but rather warning you that you must convert to CMYK downstream. You can do this when you print or export a PDF by using the settings I mentioned.

    Dave Guest

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    It is not Highlighted in order that I might select in print dialogue and when I go to export PDF after setting to CMYK it just says it failed to export. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!


    If you zip the project up and it's less than 7.5 megs, you can e-mail it
    to me and I'll take a look at it here.

    Bob (rjlevine<AT>verizon<DOT>net) Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    RE: the "Use of an output color space..." warning, I get it every time I export to screen pdf using IND 2.02. This even happened after converting all links (Illustrator eps /Photoshop eps) and text to the same PMS color type (uncoated). This happens to both single and multi-page doents. I am able to preview the pdf in Reader 6, but I am concerned that my files will have problems at the final printing stage. Can anyone give me ideas as to how to fix this problem? Grazie. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Are you actually using Pantone colours instead of CMYK for your

    Do you have drop shadows or transparency effects on Pantone
    illustrations/text that may be configured in CMYK? That will give you the
    'Use of an output colour space...etc' error.

    If your aim is to print this job, why are you exporting to the screen PDF
    preset? That will convert your colours to RGB and give you low resolution

    k Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    > That will convert your colours to RGB and give you low resolution
    > images.
    Which is why I think she's getting that error. Everything is set up for
    CMYK and/or spot and now it's being converted to RGB.


    Bob_Levine Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    I was doing PDF because I was told to try that in order to print. This was only one copy that I was attempting this with and the other formats were producing the same error.
    Anyway I went ahead and purchased Photoshop 8. I wish to thank you all for your help and let you know that I believe I am on the right track in as much as the error message is canceling out as I replace each illustration with a CMYK color space through Photo shop.
    Thank you again for all your time and attention. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    "I was doing PDF because I was told to try that in order to print"

    It wasn't the fact that you were outputting to PDF per se that I commented
    on, it was that you used the screen preset to do it.

    PDF = Portable Data Format (I think - anyway, the sentiment's the same). The
    point is that it is a format intended to make a file usable across different
    computer systems, and to some extent, within different software programs.
    The Catch 22 here is that if you want a file format that is totally platform
    independent, you need need to tailor it to the platform.

    So while a PDF can be read on Mac and PC computers, and can be viewed on
    screen, printed to an office laser, printed to a football pitch sized
    newspaper press, you need to tailor it some to get the best performance for
    what you using it for.

    The screen option in the InDesign PDF presets is intended for viewing on
    screen. So it uses RGB colour, and it reduces graphics resolution to what is
    compatible with a normal computer screen, and strips out what would
    otherwise make no difference other than inflating the file size.

    The print preset makes PDFs intended for printing on office printers, so has
    a higher resolution than the screen preset. Without firing up InDesign I
    can't remember whether it makes RGB or CMYK colour. I would guess RGB
    because that's what most office printer are.

    The press preset is intended for, for want of a better expression,
    professional printing - as is used for printing books, magazines, newspaper
    etc - and so renders the colour as CMYK, with images at the appropriate

    If you are going to print the job seriously, you should be working with the
    press preset for PDF.

    I hope your book soon gets to print in the way you want.

    k Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Ken & Bob,
    Thank you both for the quick reply. I forgot to mention I made the pdfs with the screen option in order for the client to view from their browser when I emailed it to them for proofing purposes. I am aware about the screen/low res issue. I am used to the Quark Xpress prepress workflow & never encountered such a warning. After reading your messages, I tested the jobs with the press option & I didn't get the warning (YAY!)

    Ken, to answer your question, yes, all artwork & text are the same PMS color. No transparency or drop shadows were used, but thanks for making me consider that for the future.

    This will be my first print job from Indesign--I'm assuming my file with CMYK & PMS colors will print fine from a press pdf. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Let's hope so. Good luck.

    k Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    It certainly should. And don't be afraid of transparency. But do make
    sure you completely understand how it works.


    Bob_Levine Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Please help I have a doent that has CMYK Illustrations
    I am trying to (in InDesign CS) export a PDF and it is failing. It was doing this just fine but I had to adjust the margins I also fixed two illustrations that then would not show up as CMYK in the preflight even though they continued to show CMYK (not RGB) in Photoshop.
    I removed both illustrations so that I could finally take this doent (my full color Children's Book ) to print.
    The preflight reads fine. But it won't export the PDF it just says Export of PDF failed.
    Please help. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    One further note.(added to above statement)
    I tried taking this 20 page doent and divided it into 1-10 and 11-20 for PDF export.
    The the 1-10 which included the illustration problems (removed) does not export. Though again in preflight it shows no problems.
    The 11-20 does export. Guest

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