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Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!! - Adobe Indesign Windows

Please help I have an error on preflight and when trying to print it reads 21 links use rgb color space. I am trying to print my book! Please help!!!!!! email Dr. brady

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    Default Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Please help I have an error on preflight and when trying to print it reads 21 links use rgb color space.
    I am trying to print my book! Please help!!!!!! email Dr. brady Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    What sort of printer are you printing to? If it's a CMYK printer you need to
    convert your images from RGB to CMYK before printing for the best results.
    If it's an RGB printer you won't.

    If you need CMYK your easiest option is to export as a PDF, selecting to
    convert to CMYK, then print from that.

    k Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    It failed to export the PDF.
    I will be sending this to Instant Publishers online printing center and it won't go there either.
    I have HP 2210 all in one printer/scanner /fax.
    I am using InDesign CS3 on windows XP. I was able to create a beautiful book, and I hate to give up on this. It has many transparencies and feathering etc... It also has JPEG graphics that I up loaded from pics saved on aol originally produced in Lotus on my laptop. Oh please help. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Produced in Lotus what? Lotus is a company. As alreay noted you need
    CMYK but JPGs are not the choice format for printing. You should really
    be using TIFFs.

    And lord only knows what AOL might have done to those files.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Sorry my mistake it was in Windows XP My Pictures/Paint Program.

    I was able to make an ebook that looks beautiful... The only thing I have been able to do LOL.

    Will it help to take the images already saved and save as tiff for the printing? Per suggestion received?

    Listen thank you for taking time to help. I have given countless hours of free help in my area of expertise and never realized until I need this help so desperately how valuable a helping hand (or mind) can be!!!! Thank you again!!! Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    You can try saving them as TIFF but that's a very rudementary program
    for that pupose. If you don't need CMYK then I would strongly encourage
    you to look into Photoshop Elements for photo work.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    I can't figure out how to get them into a CMYK Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    You need a high end image editing application such as Photoshop.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    If you don't have access to Photoshop or any other capable program such as
    Paintshop Pro, you can try converting to CMYK by exporting each picture
    individually as a PDF, with the colour options in export set to CMYK. Then
    replace your JPEGs with the resultant PDFs.

    The better way would be to export the whole job as PDF and print that, but
    you say you have failed to export as a PDF. What happened? RGB images should
    make no difference.

    k Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    1)Thank you for continued help.As to PDF export.
    It just tells me that it failed to export. The only one that will export is ebook.
    Since this will be my business I am willing to invest in a software.
    Do you recommend Photo shop 8.? 7.? or Paint pro?

    2)Is there anything else (Setting Wise) you might recommend for me as I do send these to (Instant Publishers) esentially a POD with software set up on my computer where by I simply choose them as my printer and upload to that website to view and then send to print? This is what they post as to software compatablilties etc... Our software works with all Microsoft Windows (versions 95/98/ME, NT, 2000, or XP) and Apple Macintosh (OS versions 8.6 - 9.x) applications. Here is a partial list of the most popular applications: Quark Xpress; Corel Word Perfect; Microsoft Publisher; Adobe Photoshop; Microsoft Word; Microsoft Outlook; Freelance Graphics; Adobe Ilustrator; Visio Professional; Corel Draw; Notepad; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Powerpoint; Lotus l-2-3; Microsoft IE; Adobe Photoshop; Microsoft Binder; Netscape and many, many more! If your software is not listed, but will print to a Windows or Macintosh based printer, it will work with our software.

    Thank you again.
    God Bless Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    There is no reason why a properly prepared InDesign file shouldn't output to
    PDF. If your file won't do this, I suspect it won't be happy going through
    your on-line production-line printer either.

    I think it's important to nail down what your problem is in creating a PDF.
    You mentioned earlier that you have used transparencies, feathering and
    other effects. It is quite likely that you have done so in an incompatible
    way and, forgive me, but the tenor of your question suggests that you may
    not be an every day professional user of this kind of software and may be
    making fundamental mistakes.

    A more detailed explanation of the error message when you fail to make a
    PDF, together with what you are doing when you try to make it would be a
    good starting point.

    What sort of print output are you expecting? Is this a quality printer or
    just extended access to a colour laser? Do they give any basic requirements
    like colour space (essentially RGB or CMYK) or the minimum resolution they
    will accept for graphics to give you the quality you want?

    It's not altogether surprising they don't list InDesign in their panoply of
    applications, but it's a little unsettling that they don't mention PDF but
    do mention Notepad.

    From what you've told us so far I'm not sure that buying any graphics
    program is a necessity. Certainly if you bought the full version of
    PhotoShop it might be overkill for what you do. But as we don't know what
    you do it's hard to make a suggestion. PhotoShop Elements and PaintShopPro
    cost substantially less than PhotoShop, with the obvious downside that they
    don't do as much - but would that matter for you?

    k Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    I am an Author I write and illustrate full color Children's Books and books for adults. But I want to have great illustrations. Sorry about that I mentioned "a book" in the first post I should have given you more info. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    As to the incredibly diplomatic way you stated... perhaps I am new at this process? As we say in the south... "Well bless yur Heart"
    LOL Yes I am new to professional graphics software. I have no doubt tripped some switches as I did my transparency and feathering. Unfortunetly It gives you the options to use this and make a beautiful illustration all but come to life and I am thrilled, but they do not warn when making changes to a graphic that will not print.
    Or as you have said that you have made it in an incompatible way. I just want to figure this out and the proper ways to do this because my children's books look 100% better. I thank you for your diplomacy in not pounding me with completely deserved insults such as well take a course. Which is a great idea. I have a deadline for this first printing, though. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Artwork and photographs

    The process utilizes a Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer driver with a maximum resolution of 600 dots-per-inch (DPI), which produces acceptable quality for most line art and photographs. If in doubt, print your doent from your library viewer (utilizing the 'Direct Print' option) to a Hewlett Packard LaserJet or compatible printer and view the quality. For cover art, all photographs should be scanned and sent as EPS or TIFF 300 dpi files.

    I hope this answers your question above. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    PDF warning detail
    Use of an output color space which differs from the transparency blending color space may cause color shifts in the resulting PDF. That is all it says and then it begins to download the immage and create the PDF and before to long it says "Failed to export the PDF file.

    I am on a mission... Thanks for your continued support. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Okay now the answer to what color space requirements etc...
    They print in full color CMYK and 300dpi is the minimum resolution for color. Oh please write me back. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    You can't mix color modes with transparency, but unfortunately that
    doesn't explain why you can't print.

    But you should try changing the blend space to match the color model of
    the graphics and the output color model in the print menu.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    OK. Now I think you are on the piece by piece ysis trail.

    Firstly, as Bob points out, you have mixed colour spaces which should not
    prevent printing, but certainly is not going to help. So go back to the
    doent and replace RGBs with CMYKs or the other way round, whatever is
    needed to get consistency. This at least tidies up one erroneous aspect.

    Then you need to narrow down the source of the problem. It could well be
    that there is a problem with one element of one page - corrupt fonts or
    graphics for example. Try both printing and exporting to PDF one page at a
    time. If some pages fail, try to find a common component. If only one page
    fails, it's in there somewhere. If they all fail, there's something more

    k Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    I could just scream! I am so frusterated. I bought a wacom graphics pen/mouse graphics tablet that came with photoshop elements that I was told could help me with my changing rgb's to CMYK. I can't see how it is done. It does not save as (CMYK) and it is RGB all the way as far as I can see.
    No matter what I try my pics/illustrations are RGB and that is the one warning triangle I get in the preflight and printing. That these illustrations / links are RGB. I could just scream. Can someone please tell me how to achieve the ever illusive CMYK color space. ASo that I can go to print with my books?
    The wacom (which I am thrilled to have) also came with Painter classic and Pen Palette LE.
    I was so hoping this software was going to help. Guest

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    Default Re: Links/rgb's/wont print./HELP!!!!

    Continued from above posting... These are the formats offered photoshop elements.

    BMP format
    Filmstrip format
    GIF format
    JPEG format
    PCX format
    Photoshop format
    Photoshop 2.0
    Photoshop EPS format
    Photoshop PDF format
    PICT File format
    PIXAR format
    PNG format
    Raw format
    Targa format
    TIFF format Guest

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