Dan and Nancy Mahoney wrote:
> I'd like to write a Perl client to connect to a DDE server process
> running on a Windows box. I'm pretty familiar with Perl on the Linux
> side, but have no experience with DDE.
> Can anyone suggest a module that might allow me to do this? I've
> seached CPAN and found tools to allow Windows clients to connect to
> Windows DDE server processes, but not from a Linux client.
I'm no expert really, but I tink the problem with what you are trying to
do (and why you don't find it) is this : DDE and OLE and DCOM are
proprietary MS interfaces. The support for them exists only on MS
platforms (Windows). You might thus find a module that will allow your
Perl program to communicate with another process using DDE, but it will
only work when your Perl program itself is running on a Windows platform.
If you really want to do this, you could :
- write a Perl program that will run on the Windows platform and act as
an intermediary. This program should communicate with your target
DDE-capable program on on side, and have a TCP "server" port open on the
other side (figuratively speaking)
- your original Perl program (sitting on the Linux platform) would act
as a TCP "client", send it's requests to this TCP server "agent" program
on the Windows platform, which would pass it on to the DDE-capable
application , and vice-versa.
Not easy, but doable, depending on what you want to do and how important
this is for you.