Hello all,

I am trying to migrate our NIS master from Solaris to Redhat 8.0. The
problem is as follows

When I set MERGE PASSWD=false the maps all build and I can see them
all on the server but the solaris clients cannot use the passwd map as
they do not support a separate shadow file by default.

When I set MERGE PASSWD=true the passwd map doesn't seem to build. If
I type

ypcat hosts

everything is fine the map is displayed. If I type

ypcat passwd

there is no output to the screen. This happens on both the server and

I have turned off MD5 passwords on the server and if I type

yphelper -p /var/yp/passwd /var/yp/shadow

I get the correct output. It would be a massive job to change all the
solaris client to support the NIS shadow map and I haven't the time.
I am aware of the security implications of having the passwords in the
passwd map and also of using the standard encryption not MD5 as I
think any passwd cracker could decrypt the lot and the are all

Anybody got any ideas ?