i put this in the wrong newsgroup (apparently). BUT i am a beginner and i
don't fully understand the reply i got. can anyone help me out...

"can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial, i don't know what i'm
looking for but you know when you see a site where you click to open an
image it loads in a layer then you click the image to close it.
how do you do that?
please advise. cheers

"I think you're in the wrong newsgroup ;-)

But take a look at this

make a layer with <DIV> tags like so

<DIV id=myLayer onClick="closeImage()"></DIV>

load the image into the layer through scripting with the innerHTML property.

myLayer.innerHTML = "<img id=myPic src="...">";

To unload it just write some code for the closeImage function that sets the
property to an empty string."