need urgent help from the expert here.
i'm in-charge of a company project which will required me to integrate
customer's system using the SOAP message. during my programming, i'm using
ASP.NET Web Service (VB.NET) which will provide Receive webmethod for the
request from the customer and responded by involve the customer web service

However the customer are using VB6 with Microsoft Tools Kit to load the WSDL
(generated from my web service) and received the result in the Receive
This integration is running well the performance is pretty good within 500
transaction during load test. that means the ASP.NET webservice will receive
the request the return the SOAP response message with result = 1 and the
SOAP content will be store in the SQL 2000 DB for processing. After
processed, the customer Web Service will call and the result will sent.

But, when customer sent the 1000 request for the load test, they will
received this soap error at the XX no. of request. The error as below:

Error Number: 5406
Error Description:SoapError:Client:Sending the Soap message failed or no
recognizable response was received HRESULT=0x800A151E - Client:Connection
failed. HRESULT=0x800A151E;
ErrDesc:Application-defined or object-defined error

when the customer received the error as above, let said is at 800
transaction. My web service log will also show us it only receive 800 even
though customer is still continuing sending up to 1000 request.

i'm strugering in this problem since last month and really really appreciate
if anyone can help me.