> So this is my situation.
> I have a director file (version 8.5, running on win 2k) that has a Flash MX banner. The Flash banner has web links to sites, these URL's are called from a text file and loaded in as varialbes. The flash banner works fine when it stands alone, but then I call it into Director i get a script error:
> String does not end correctly sendScript sprite 0012, #getURL, "http://www.website.com?
> on the flash sprite I have the following script:
> on getURL me, URL
> gotoNetPage URL
> end
> When I had the links directly in Flash, this works fine, but when i called the links a variable from a text file this is what started to happen. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can make this work. Please let me know
In you Flash Actionscript, use this for the web links:

on (release) {
geturl ("event:link1"):

do one of these for each link, changing the "link1" to "link2, link3"
then in director, use this lingo:

on link1
gotoNetPate "the URl"

put this into a movie script and make sure to make one for each link
on your banner. that will receive the call from flash and then use it
as lingo. This is one of the great ways flash and director work