Sorry my link to the files was bad before
> I have a movie that I dynamically load text into the "bodyText" dynamic
> text field from a text file it works fine. However when I load that
> movie into the shell it needs to play out of it doesn't load the text
> it puts "_level0.contentLoaderMC.bodyText" in the field instead. It
> appears to be a path issue, its one of those things that really trips
> me up I wish someone could explain how and when the paths are necessary?
> I have dummied up some files they are available here:

try this link 8)
> [url][/url]
> (its small maybe 12K)

this is the code in the frame of the shell.fla

//load Movie Behavior
if(this.contentLoaderMC == Number(this.contentLoaderMC)){
loadMovieNum("auhistory2.swf",this.contentLoaderMC );
} else {
//End Behavior

This is the code in the history.fla that loads the txt file

loadVariablesNum("auHistory2.txt", 0);

both movies only have 1 frame each
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