I'm the owner of two sites, both sitting on the local network. Both sites are
pulling data from a database, but each site has its own database. In the Side
Definitions window I have only the Local Info set which works great for the
first site. But when I do the same for the second site, the files don't show
after loading the cache. I've tried several times with no luck. I even compared
all the site definitions to the working site, there's no difference. If I add
the info under Remote Info, the files show. The reason I want to have the
second site listed under Local Info is because I'm trying to solve an Internal
Server Error (500) since weeks: -------- Error Type: Microsoft OLE DB Provider
for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005) [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could
not use '(unknown)'; file already in use. /spaces/events/insert2.asp, line 144
----- Line 144 = Recordset2.ActiveConnection = MM_EventsDB_STRING I was
referred to an URL where this error is explained as a permission issue.
However, I have full permission so this can't be the case here. Since I didn't
experience any problems with my first site I now start to believe that it has
something to do with the Site Definitions. Please let me know if I'm wrong. At
this point I'm desperate since I double and triple checked every single aspect,
and posted this issue at several web developer forums. Since I've been using
Dreamweaver to create my web application I still have most hopes into this
forum. BTW - The data from the database displays normally, and searching and
filtering records works fine. However, adding records or creating dynamic
tables causes the errors. For some reason it doesn't like two recordsets on one
page, although the second recordset tests just fine in Dreamweaver. I know that
two recordsets are no problem because it worked on my first site, why not here?