We are currently producing Flash DVDs (ie Flash files with all the functionality of a DVD, menus etc.). The file is accessed by an index.html file so that it opens in a browser and can be used full screen. The file references a .swf file plus a folder full of video and still image sources. This is created using Adobe Encore DVD CS5.

What we would like is a tool that allows us to lock the source file and time limit and user (machine) restrict the index.html. Alternatively maybe a solution would be to wrap the whole thing up in a .swf file that is time limited and user restricted.

Either way, the desired result is that we can send users the files and give them access to the Flash DVDs but that the usage is restricted to the computer that it is downloaded onto and for a limited time period, defined by us at the time of production of the file.

Ideally this should allow us to produce files for PC or MAC usage.

Anybody know how we could achieve this?