Using ASP - I am trying to create a log out using the Server Behavior | User
Authentication | Logout User scripting in Dreamweaver. When choosing either
'Link Clicked' or 'Page Loads' this behavior does not work properly. It will
'log out' but if the user clicks their Back button on their browser it loads
the last page that they should be logged out of. I know the reason is because
the pages are cached. If you hit the refresh it will take you out of the page
to the logout page. So, I guess a work around could be to have the pages
refresh themselves when the back button is clicked, but I have not been able to
do this successfully because I don't write javascript and using 'refresh' in
the meta tag only makes it constantly refresh. I don't want that. I only want
it to refresh once. Well, actually, I would like the log out to work but I
think it's more of a browser issue. Though some type of script ought to be
available in ASP to refresh the page once or clear it from cache?? Just
brainstorming. I also notice that when you choose 'Page Loads' (on the server
behavior feature) if you don't give it a a url under 'When done go to' you get
the error 'You must supply a redirect page for this server behavior.' This
doesn't make sense. If the user is logged out when the Page Loads, then you
don't need to go to another page. I have looked at the other postings on the
forum for log out and none of them really answer this question or give an
adequate work around. thanks in advance