Question regards insert and updates in sql server for a simple login script
that requires registration the first time and only "email address" upon
return to secure page...this is my first charge at sql server and I need to
get right first time!!! My quesiton relates to doing a MULTI insert the
first time and tweaking the SP or adding a new to record later logins along
with tracking stats such as the page he is
visiting (and came from) in a joined "SelectionTable"

Could anyone help me visualize or arrange the necesssary stored proces...I
would be extremely grateful:

Ok, This procedure allows me to insert basic information into a solitary
Customer/User Table the first time the user comes in.....

Incoming information:
Name = Request("Name")
Email = Request("Email")
etc - other personal details
FromSection = request("FromSection")
FromURL = Request.servervariables(x)
TargetSection = Request("TargetSection")
TargetURL = Request("TargetURL")

Create Procedure sp_adduser
u_name varchar(50), u_email varchar(50),
u_firstname varchar(50),
u_lastname varchar(50),
u_email varchar(50),
u_id int output
set nocount on
if not exists(select u_id from t_user where u_name=u_name)
INSERT INTO t_user(u_name, u_firstname, u_lastname, u_email)
VALUES (u_name,u_firstname, u_lastname, u_email)
select u_id=identity
select u_id=-1
....BUT at the same time I need to do a INSERT his "Selections" into a
joined table "tblSelections"

Thus: tblUser (1) - (many)(tblSelections)

Finally, at a later point the user may return back to the same page....this
time I only wish to check his email address BUT at the same time record the
incoming paratmers into the Selection Table...

I probalby have not explained myself very well here...but I am looking for
an elegant set of simple proces that will handle this for me...I know my
skills will be ready with a couple of weeks in trenches but I do not have
that long....

I appreciate any focused advice on this login script that checks for email
and records basic page tracking information about what the user was after.

Very best regards