I have a user with a somewhat odd problem. After the PC
and user has been logged onto the domain for an hour or
2, his ability to browse, map or otherwise access the
server disappears. The PC is running XP Pro SP1, is a
domain member (W2K svr w/ AD); he is logging in with a
domain account, which is a member of the Administrators
AD group. It's not physical or IP: ping still works, and
other PCs can browse his machine.

That alone is strange. But the other weird thing is that
when he first logs onto the domain, the full user name
(i.e. Bob Smith) appears at the top of the Start menu.
After that hour or 2, when you click on the Start menu
his domain logon name appears (i.e. bsmith). The timing
seems to coincide with when network access stops.

I'm curious about why the name appears that way on the
Start menu, and can't find anything about where that is
pulled from. Oh yeah...and we'd like to solve the share
access problems, too. Thanks....