We are currently trying to put together a web site to tutor/teach the disabled.
We were hoping to get disabled students to register, create a profile and then
wait in a queue/lobby for a tutor to become available (they would be given
information on how long the wait would be). Once a tutor becomes available the
tutor would choose the top person in the queue and they would start a
one-on-one tutoring session. Video is between the tutor and student is
imperative , audio not so much (probably a Talk button), and IM/text messaging
only to get over rough spots in the tutoring. We don't want a video chat room
environment, but we want that capability.

We have looked at Macromedia Flash Communication Server, Flash Remoting(using
AMFPHP) and FlashMX (client) as a solution. The Tools are great, but we were
getting some lag time (2 seconds) in the audio that is distracting and video
that is blurred with fast hand motions.

I openned two accounts with two different ISPs, Influxis and UVault and with
only several people connected am still having the problem.

Any suggestions

Scott E.