I've successfully used Contribute with several sites and several web hosts.
The site I'm having an issue with was built specifically for Contribute. The
site is hosted by interland.com -- I've never worked with them before. I
mention that, because the web host seems to be the only significant difference
between this site and other sites I edit with Contribute. (And I don't have
this problem with my other sites.)

The problem:

When I edit a page and then either "publish" or "cancel" I get this error
message at the top of the page:
"You can't edit this page now because you are already editing it on another
computer. Click here to make this page editable."

If I "click here," I get an "access denied" alert.

The result it, I can't edit the page again.

However, if I wait a few minutes and click around the site and then come back
to the same page, it is editable again. *****But I've built this site for a
client and I don't think he should have to put up with that.*****

I've been through the forum and I've seen this issue come up again and again.
It never applied to me until yesterday, but now it does. I know all about the
..LCK file. When I use an FTP client, I see it appearing and disappearing as I
edit files in Contribute. I also know that when I get the "you can't edit this
page now" message, the .LCK file is *gone.* Why doesn't Contribue recognize

Contribute is not freezing or crashing during the "cancel" or "publish"
process. **This happens every single time.** So, this is not an issue where a
single .LCK file is orphaned because Contribute crashed and so I need to use an
FTP client to delete the .LCK file.