I am looking for a "mainframe-like" spooling system running on AIX, that
should not be too expensive. It only needs to handle one system, there
is no need to distribute requests over several systems of the same or
different type.

The basic requirements are:

Batch Job scheduling:
- job classes and priorities
- states as dispatch, keep, hold, ...
- management of parallelism
- some kind of history / log file
- job / queues monitoring, at best at step level if a job contains more
than one step
- must have command line interface

Print spool:
- classes and priorities
- possibility to reprint
- stationary handling (system must ask operator to change forms)
- should have the possibility to identify a report by name
- handling of all printer types allowed in AIX
- must have command line interface

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Helmut Leininger

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