After 3 years or so of loyal active service the USB socket on my
tangerine iBook now swings more and more wildly from side to side as
soon as it's touched.
When I connect anything to it, the positioning has to be fairly
precise (I know just how to do it!) to ensure a connection. And then
if nothing is moved it's okay, the connection is perfect.
BUT the slightest caress of the cable /hub / etc. causes a
disconnection and a message. This makes life difficult in the office
and even more so when on the move. I delicately tried just jamming
something into one side to stop it moving but that doesn't look as if
it would work.
To refix this socket solidly is it necessary to completely open the
iBook (I have fully detailed instructions for changing a hard disk
which seems a somewhat hair-raising experience), or is there a simpler
PS the tangerine plastic keeps separating from the rest, especially
where there's frequent hand contact. I've glued some of it -- any
other ideas?