When trying to install the drivers for the PCI modem in my
laptop, prompted for the driver CD.
Installed the driver without any errors but asked for a
reboot, when rebooted getting this error message
"lsass.exe System error"
"Object name not found"

At this pop up i just had to say Ok, Then it continues to
reboot continuously.

This was hapenning on a Dell Inspirion 2650 laptop.
Windows XP home edition.
Tried all the basic troubleshooting.
1.tried to recover from Last Known Good Configuration.
2.Tried Repairing the OS.( After the Ist phase when we
have to remove the CD and reboot, when the setup
continues getting the same "lsass.exe system error".

There is no way out from this point.
But i have reinstalled the OS in the same partiion with
diferent folder name ,to take the backup of my system.

If anybody has seen this hapenning and can reply to this
would be of great help.
"BCause i think prevention is better than cure".

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards