Hi all. I apologize for the duplicate posting - I originally submitted the
following late Saturday night and wanted to make sure it got seen. Any ideas
would be greatly appreciated! I'd love to hear either "yeah, I have the same
problem" or "nope... Works fine on my system." Either answer will be helpful
to my troubleshooting.

I'm having a problem with Flash Text (and buttons) in Dreamweaver MX. I'm
using version 6.1.1842 and Mac OS X 10.2.6.

When I try to create Flash Text or a Flash Button utilizing a 3rd party font
(i.e. any font that wasn't installed by OS X), it renders incorrectly. Flash
Text shows a rectangular area with no text. Flash Buttons simply don't show
the text at all, although the rest of the graphic appears normally.

Changing the font in the dialog to one of the system-installed fonts and
hitting Apply or OK results in an correctly rendered object.

No other applications have any problems with non-system fonts. Fireworks MX
displays them properly. I can create an object using a 3rd party font in
Flash MX and the exported .swf file displays correctly in Dreamweaver.

Things I've Tried So Far:
1. Verified that fonts aren't corrupt. Neither Suitcase 10 nor FontAgent Pro
show the fonts as having any problems at all.

2. Deleted all font cache files in /System/Library/Caches and

3. Deleted *all* caches in those directories.

4. Deleted Dreamweaver MX preferences in user preferences directory.

5. Attempted to re-run the Dreamweaver 6.1 updater (just in case). It
responds that Dreamweaver MX isn't available which is what I expected. Well,
actually I expected it to tell me that I didn't need to update, but

6. Verified that fonts work in all other programs.

7. Verified that a .swf created in Flash renders correctly in a browser and
in Dreamweaver MX.

So I'm stumped. Anyone else seen this behavior before? My next step will be
to delete Studio MX and reinstall, but I thought I'd check here before I got
drastic. I'd really like to make use of these features.

Thanks for any help you can give and feel free to email me directly.