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[email][/email] (Ryan Unruch) wrote:
> To whom it may concern;
> I have a very strange problem. Out oF the blue my lower case "F" has
> been disabled. When I press the shiFt key + "F" I am able to get an
> upper case F (hence all the upper case letters).
> All the Functions such as ctrl, option and apple key +F work
> perFectly.
> I was told to boot into OS 9 and the F key worked Fine; but it reFuses
> to work in OS X so I Figure it isn't a hardware problem.
> I called Apple and they say they have never heard oF this problem
> beFore.
> Someone please help.
> Thanking you in advance.
> Ryan Unruch
> [email][/email]
> June 14th 2003

Open your system prefs. Then open the Speech panel. Check the "spoken
User Interface" to see if "Select text when the key is pressed" is
checked. It is possible that you inadvertantly set a key to speak text
and you didn't know or remember about it. If this box is checked take a
look to see if it's your F key that turns on text speaking. If so that F
key will be disabled for regular F productionn.