Hello all,
I have a problem booting Mac OS X from a 9Gb (OEM) IBM drive of type
DNES-309170W connected to a Adaptec ADPT 2940U2B SCSI card in my upraded
8600. The disk works OK as startup disk with Mac OS 9. I copied a Mac OS
X System from another disk with Carbon Copy Cloner but the Mac wouldn't
boot from the disk with the cloned system. The monitor isn't fired up

After that I tried to install Mac OS X from CD using XPostFacto. But the
the Mac doesn't want to boot from the CD. Again the monitor isn't fired
up either. The same thing as when I tried to boot from the cloned
system. I formatted the disk with the Drive Setup 2.0.7. Then I
installed Mac OS 9.1 plus the 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 updates.

I removed the "Disable Unit Attention" jumper of the drive and tried
again but this made no difference...

I'm hoping someone has a solution/diagnosis or some more things I can
try. Thanks,