I am working through the MachII sample sites, trying to incorporate
#URLSessionFormat()# to pass JSESSIONID to maintain session without cookies. I
was pleasantly suprised to find that changing

<cfset var viewPath = getFullPath(arguments.viewName) /> and
<cfset var viewPath
=getAppManager().getViewManager().getViewPath(argu ments.viewName) />


<cfset var viewPath = "#URLSessionFormat(getFullPath(arguments.viewName) )#" />
<cfset var viewPath =
"#URLSessionFormat(getAppManager().getViewManager( ).getViewPath(arguments.viewNa
me))#" />

in the MachII.framework.ViewContext.cfc file seems to take care of ensuring
that the session is maintained even when the browser refuses cookies, at least
in the Shopping Cart example. It seems to happen invisibly, the URL (as seen by
the browser) never shows the JSESSIONID, but it does in fact work.

My question is whether these two modifications will be sufficient to the
'as-is' version of the framework to make sure this always works as expected, or
whether there are any other files in the framework that need similar treatment.

I understand that if one adds additional functionality to the framework,
additional #URLSessionFormat# may be necessary, but I am just talking about the
framework in its original state as downloaded.

If anyone knows something about this, or has experience with the same
scenario, I would appreciate your feedback.