Dear Friends,

I am new to Macromedia Contribute, i am experiencing lot of issues at the moment.

Firstly, contribute is taking a long time to connect to the server, most of the times it connects to the server, sometimes it fails, but the time it takes to connect to the server is long.

Secondly, contribute is taking a long time to publish the webpages.
My colleagues are using the same software in Windows XP, they are fine, there is no connection or speed issues in their systems. So i am sure there is no server side issue.

I am using Windows 7, when I ran the compatibility check, it said incompatible detected, and suggested to change to Windows XP Service Pack 2. I did that, but still the issue persists...

Is there any other setting changes I have to do in my PC?
Any suggestions or recommendations would be really appreciated.

Many Thanks