No idea what has caused the Flash player to stop working. This is not
my machine but a relatives who has asked for help over the T'giving

I uninstalled Flash Player and tried going to Macromedia site to
install it again. I get the now infamous problem of nothing happening
and I also get the message 'Important Message: You may need to click
the gold bar at the top of the browser window to allow the install.'

There is no golden bar, there is an icon that usually reflects a
missing image.

I realize this is a recurring question but I have tried everything
Macromedia has suggested on their FAQs.

The machine is running on Windows XP Home, SP 2.

Also on Microsoft AntiSpyWare Beta1, AVG Anti Virus.

I tried monkeying with the security settings and even allowed all
activeX possibilities to be enabled. I even turned the firewall
completely off and closed down the AntiSpyWare Beta1 and it still
reacts the same way.

It is running on IE 6.

I tried some suggestions I got from groups on google like
re-registering the ocx's and dll's relevant to Flash and that didn't
change anything either.

I was thinking of completely uninstalling AntiSpyware and Service Pack
2 but I didn't want to take that drastic measure.

It could very well be possible the antispyware is blocking Flash but I
just haven't had any luck in trying to find a setting that would be
causing this in the Microsoft AntiSpyWare Beta1 settings or in it's
help either.

The only thing that I can think of that changed on the machine in
between the Flash working and not working is the Microsoft AntiSpyWare
but it was installed in August and the Flash worked for a couple of
months after that. I thought maybe it was a Windows update that caused
it but I would have no way of knowing one way or the other. The
machine is setup to automatically download and install criticial
updates. Sorry for the length but I was trying to give as much
information as possible. TIA for any help that can be given.