Hi Macromedian,

I plan to build a site for dreamweaver. The site content is mainly the answers from users who have post questions on this forum. Would you mind if i post your answer there? I will contact you first before posting it to the site.

I also invite every macromedian, whether they are evangelist, volunteer or proficient user to help the dreamweaver user to master this robust application. Wheter it's only tips or (hopelfully) tutorials. I cannot give you money for the compensation, but I can give you the chance to get famous among macromedia's user.

I really hope this time I give the best effort to help dreamweaver user as I always post answer to this forums (98% answers, the rest is question). I really thank to Angela C. Buraglia for providing me the nice site and books as I was a new user, and this time I'd love to do her way.

I really apreciate every opinion that you point at me, bad or good remarks i really need it. Please, I really don't have something to hide to build this.

Regards to you all


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