Hey there - quick question - until a week ago, the mail() function I am
using to email confirmations was working fine, now the following error is
showing up in the logs:

Aug 31 11:50:26 www2 sendmail[29579]: h7VFoQc7029579: localhost []
did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA

This error shows up for each mail going out - no matter where it is going to
- and that could be one of 4 addresses (an internal, the customers email,
and 2 external addresses including a hotmail account).

Is this a php thing that I am missing a setting for the mail() function? Or
is this a problem with the local mail server perhaps?

The following are the settings (on OS X btw):
ini_set(sendmail_path, "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -f mail.vtc.com");
$headers = "From: VTC Orders <ordersvtc.com>\r\n";
$subject="Order Confirmation from VTC";
$body="A bunch of things that will have no affect on the the email it's
mail("mikevtccanada.com",$subject,$body,$headers) ;

I am not aware of anything that has changed since this worked last (actually
about 3 days ago) except that the company has messed with their internal
mail server - still - this error is showing for ALL emails going out - not
just the ones being delivered internally - and their internal mail server is
running on an entirely different server anyhow.

So - is there something that I am missing - and if it is not a php error
just say so WITHOUT FLAMES and I will check it out somewhere else.



Mike Morton

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