Major Defect in Shockwave Flash Object
Using IE7, closing a daughter window can disconnect a session in a parent
window. This issue is Case#:1028384908 at Microsoft.

1. Create a link to login to Comcast email through the web.
2. Select the link and login.
3. Select the Compose button (to compose a new mail, this creates a daughter
4. Select the Cancel button in the Compose (daughter) window.

This will result in your session being disconnected.

If you disable the Shockwave Flash Object(Flash9b.ocx) in the Manage Add On
Control Panel off of the Tools menu, then the problem does not occur.

This ActiveX control is packaged with IE7.

This disconnection problem is prevalent with any application that uses a
standard close window regardless of the use of Flash or not in the page. This
is a major problem that can cause intermittent disconnects with your system,
and Adobe has not responded yet.

p.s. I am Director of QA for a Software Development Company.