My apologies for the repost. I thought I was creating a new thread but
I accidentally responded to a very old one instead. Again, my
apologies, hope someone can help me out. Original post below...


I saw that a few other people have had this problem, but didn't find
any solutions that worked for me. I have a simple model, imported as a
..w3d. If I use that cast member as a sprite and add a beginSprite(), I
can create a fixed rigid body for the model. But if I create an empty
world, clone the same model into the empty world, then
makeFixedRigidBody() on that cloned model always returns void.

There are no other objects in the world (yet) so it's not a problem
with tolerances (right?). I tried calling updateStage after a cloned
the model and again after calling addModifier(#meshDeform). I also
tried a couple different parameters to makeFixedRB(). I tried setting
preload to "before frame 1". No luck. Here's the gist of it:

on beginSprite(me)
mySprite = sprite(me.spriteNum)
myWorld = mySprite.member

other = cast("jump")
otherName = other.model[1].name
myModel = myWorld.cloneModelFromCastMember("Jump", otherName,
rbody = mySprite.havok.makeFixedRigidBody(, FALSE)

Can anyone help me out? At this point I am completely stumped.

Thanks, hopefully...