Hi all,
I've been playing around with flash for the past few months, but I mostly
done just banner design, intro, and flash presentation for people. However,
I really want to creat a website using Flash Mx, but I don't know where to
start. For a starter I have any experience with how to layout a FLA file
for a website, because for all my flash design it's just a plain FLA file
with one time line, no fancy scripting or layouts. I would really want to
see a flash website orginal FLA, so i can finally learn how you guys lay it
out. Especially for the navigation part of the website. I don't know, i
just have like a billion of questions about it, and I really hope someone
could help me out. I can be reached on AIM: chennerdotcom MSN:
[email]chennerdotcommsn.com[/email] ICQ: 11071701