I have a Website that was written in ASP that is heavily reliant on
"Webmaster" administration, where a single Webmaster creates and maintains
content for [url][/url]

I'd like to change this content support model to allow senior staff at to create/maintain the content using Adobe Contribute (Yes, I own
stock in Adobe but not only that I believe in these products 100%!!) I have
not used Contribute on as widescale as, and I'm just wondering
specifically how I can convert the existing page template written for ASP to be
more friendly to Contribute users?

Current basic template is at [url][/url]

Appreciate any assistance you can give. If you want to take the task of
converting this template to one that is friendly to Contribute users, and can
provide guidance with converting all of the pages of the existing website to
this format, we would would be happy to give credit with link to your Website
for Web design/consulting on for a pre-determined period of time.