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> It seems that they use programs like 'Genuine Fractals' by Altamira to do
> this. Has anyone had any experience with this product ...
Here are some scans from a 16"x20" print I had made from a 3megapixel image
I took using my Canon S230:

I had thought Harris Camera told me they used "Real Fractals", but, later,
I found out there is no such program named "Real Fractals". But they
definitely told me the digital image was enhanced with a fractals program -
probably "Genuine Fractals".

Whether this is good enough for you, I can't say, but *I* was impressed
with the results. You can see what the fractals program did if you download
the original .jpeg file and compare it to the scanned print snippets.

And, IMO, the 3megapixel image looks better than the ASA 100 35mm film
image, which looks VERY grainy enlarged to 16"x20". People forget that 35mm
negatives aren't magic either. There are limits to how big an enlargement
you can make from them and get good results too.