Ok here's my scenario.

I have a Custom Composite Server Control (CCSC) consisting of a
TextBox, Button & Panel. (And some other code - which I will explain

There is a button on the webform called ADD that "adds" as many of
these (CCSC) as you want.

OK it's straight forward to manage ViewState (i.e. the text entered
in the TextBox) of these dynamically added CCSC.

I do this based on the principle on PostBack of running the code that
created "x" number of my CCSC to the Control Hierarchy in the

The ViewState then does its stuff later on down the Page Execution
LifeCycle to reset the Text property of each TextBox.

However my problem is this - my CCSC, depending on the Text entered
when the button (of the CCSC) is clicked dynamically adds either a
CheckBox or RadioButton in the Panel.

How on earth do I manage ViewState of either the CheckBox or

i.e. there are 2 phases of Dynamic Creation.

I can post the code if required