Where as I know this is an ancient adapter and I have 2 EIDE drives in the
system (1 12Gig 1 60G) I would like to continue using my two ancient and
highly reliable SCSI disks for grinding on (you know SWAP and boot?).

So the silly question is how do you specify this on boot up.. is the module
even in the mandrake install anymore? I saw it was in 8.1 however when I

expert aha1542=0x334,11, 4, 5
This is Base address 0x334
with 11 us on 4 us off and 5MBs transfer rate.

it gleefully ingnored the SCSI adapter and partitions like it did before
(smirk). This is a VERY old installation from Slackware 1.2 (not a joke)
and originally 0.9.8 kernal was on the disks EONS ago (like 1995 ish). So
what can I do other than hope and pray some how I can find the right module
or something like that?

Does anyone have a nice module they can loan me to start this install
process sanely. Or are all my old partitions scewered?

(these are all on my old SCSI-2 disks .. which have outlasted a lot of
other hard disks :) ).

Help would be appreciated thanks :)