Contribute does a great job putting together training packages, I'm aiming to
build a seriously big online training area complete with pics, video and

However I have to get the first package to work before any of that can happen,
I've created a manual that the user will read, on the back of that there is the
quiz they can take, none of that was an issue.

The problem comes when they get a question wrong, I'd prefer that they had the
chance to review their mistake. I've inserted a jump to slide instruction upon
a wrong answer, but only if you set the amount of tries to 1, which isn't
really what I want to achieve, I want them to get it wrong, review the manual
page relevant to that subject and then have another shot at the question.

Currently they get sent back and then theres no way back into the quiz, it
locks then out if they try and just flick forward to the quiz.

Whats the best way to get the user to review the manual?