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MASSIVE ERROR - Adobe Illustrator Windows

278Mb file in CS2 on WIN2K "An unexpected error has occurred" - occurs when trying to save the file "Can't save the illustration. Can't print the illustration" - occurs when trying to save file to different format (eps) Desperately need this file !! Please help....

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    278Mb file in CS2 on WIN2K

    "An unexpected error has occurred" - occurs when trying to save the file

    "Can't save the illustration. Can't print the illustration" - occurs when trying to save file to different format (eps)

    Desperately need this file !!

    Please help. Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    Hi all,

    I suffered from the same problem.
    My version is Adobe Suite CS2.

    When I tried to print the .ai file, it prompted
    "Can't print the illustration".

    When I tried to save the .ai file to Illustrator 10 EPS, it prompted
    "Can't save the illustration. Can't print the illustration".

    Please kindly help.
    teki Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    I have this issue when I try to save anything with text in it.
    I do not try to print, though, and my files are ampty. I cannot save at all if there is any text in the canvas.
    XP pro, 2GB ram on a Dell D10 with no other applications running.

    Soemtimes it claims "memory error"
    mostly "unknown error has occured" Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    Can you copy everything to a different doent and see if that works? Or save as a .pdf or .eps? Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    I had problems saving, then I manually uninstalled ALL of the adobe programs on my computer. All folders and registry keys were deleted as per Adobe's manual uninstall directions. Once I had all things adobe wiped from my computer, I reinstalled with no other programs running. Everything works great now.

    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    Hi all,

    It seems that reinstallation was the only solution. Is it the bug of Adobe? It seems quite trouble for me to do because I have registered the products with Activation key.

    Is there any solution else? Please kindly advise.

    Teki Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    Teki, if you follow the manual uninstallation instructions, you will not lose your activation. If you are worried about the activation, simply deactivate from the help menu, then when you reinstall just reactivate. I had no problems in the end, and am glad I took the time to do this. Everything works now. Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    too many spot colors? Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your information. Since the software is used by my managers instead of me, I have to explain the reason. If next time the problem occurs again, do I need to reinstall it again? Managers will blame me and Adobe (Adobe CS2 is expensive).

    Hi John,

    My problem does not relate to spot colors. Even I draw an illustration with black and white only, the problem still occurs.

    Thanks a lot,
    Teki Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    Jason, and others,

    The solution may be deleting the AIPrefs file, see FAQ #2. Sorry for not having posted before. Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    I don't understand why your managers would consider your fixing the software by uninstalling and reinstalling it a problem. If they want to get mad at Adobe, then let them. If your managers purchased the software legally, and it is registered, then you can get free technical assistance from Adobe by calling them. That is what I did. I was on the phone for like 2 hours, and in the end I ended up doing the manual uninstall of all Adobe programs. It's nothing your managers should get mad at you for. If they are that grumpy, maybe you oughta put some tobasco in their coffee.
    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your opinion.

    By the way, since what we purchased was the whole set of CS2 and we installed the whole set in a workstation. Can we just uninstall the Illustrator from the workstation without affecting other installed Adobe applications?

    Thanks and regards,
    Teki Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    I would try that first, and if it works it will save you a lot of time. In my case I only have Photoshop, Illustrator, Golive, and Reader, so I manually uninstalled them all. I think my problem was from previous versions of Photoshop or Reader on my computer, causing a conflict of some sort. One other reason there was a problem may have been a bungled up install on Windows part. Either way it is working now. Be sure to install the programs in a simplified mode. Simplified meaning ALL other start up programs are shut off, especially antivirus/firewall software. I did this through msconfig. Hope it works for you. I haven't had a problem in any of my programs since.
    Take care,
    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    Thanks for your opinion. I deleted the AIF file but it could not help. Eventually I uninstalled the Illustrator and installed it again. This method could work.

    Although I solved the problem, I was not appreciated by my supervisor. He said I just hid the problem but did not SOLVE. He said SOLVING the problem should find out the REASON or the CAUSE of the problem. Uninstallation without knowing the cause is a kind of escape.

    I had no comment. Anyway, thank you all forummates. Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    See "Damaged Illustrator Files Wanted" thread at the top of the page. Could it be that your files are candidates?

    Toni Guest

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    Default Re: MASSIVE ERROR

    I guess I don't understand why being a user of Illustrator means that you need to know how to solve the reason why Illustrator wasn't working right for you. You did solve the problem in my opinion. The reason it wasn't working...perhaps windows or other software on the system caused some sort of conflict. It sounds like you are some sort of slave driven cubical worker. I hope you at least get paid well. Maybe next time you will keep quiet when you fix things.
    Kind Regards,
    Robert Guest

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