Hey there

The topic name speaks for itself: how do I code "slave" buttons to follow
script of "master" button? I have 50 state buttons on level 0 and a master
button at the root. The master button triggers a clickTAG getURL action for all
areas not covered by the state buttons. The state buttons currently have a
script that was devised for passing variables for tracking purposes (it's for
an online ad campaign)

on (release)
if (_root.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:")
getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank")

This is an example of a (what we call) "non-embedded URL", in that there is no
direct URL published in the swf file; the URL is actually coded into the
supporting html and usually done so by the client, for more control over their
tracking of the ad, etc

This is an "embedded" URL, located in the actions for the master button

on (release)
getURL(clickTAG add
"http://www.nextag.com/goto.jsp?p=0000&search=Mortgage_720x300_7350&produ ct=1000
00035&url=%2Fst.jsp&tm=y", "_blank")

In other words, a standard getURL action - nothing fancy, except for the
addition of the "clickTAG" script

The question is: how can I have all of the state buttons (the "slaves")
reference the getURL "embedded" script of the master button? Reason being: we
publish these ads with several publishers, who all have different ID numbers,
and I don't want to have to change the URL's 50 times each time I need to
publish a new swf!!

Here's a link to the fla file, if you're feeling game to tear it apart


Thanks for any and all responses